Medical Journal of Malaysia



Preventing cancers
J T Arokiasamy

Original Articles

Absence of milk-specific IgE in infants with cow's milk protein-sensitive enteropathy
M Yadav, N Iyngkaran, Irene K G Seow

Intraocular lens implant
K Sukumaran

The bacteriology of perforated appendix
V K E Lim, Z Hussin, Yusha A Wahab

Prevalence of Hepatitis A virus infection in normal individuals and hospital patients in Kuala Lumpur
S H Ton, Thiruselvam A, C G Lopez, Noria R

Analgesic use and abuse - a study in three selected population groups in Peninsular Malaysia
M Segasothy

Evaluation of conventional and computerised monitoring of cardiac function in the coronary care unit
Ng Kwan Loong

A food poisoning outbreak due to Staphylococcus aureus, Kapar, Malaysia 1983
Lekraj Rampal

Medical Manpower in Sarawak - the doctors
V Supramaniam

Hand eczema in Malaysians
H C Ting

Salmonella in the soil of kindergarten playgrounds in the Klang District
M Jegathesan, L Rampal, Y S Lim

The disappearance of sleep-related changes of serum prolactin in pregnant women
Mohd Hamim Rajikin, Ramh Abdullah, Hamid Arshat

Analgesic nephropathy - a prospective study
M Segasothy, Betty Kong Chiew Tong, A Karnal, Zaki Murad, Abu Bakar Suleiman

Plasmid-mediated transferable chloramphenicol and tetracycline in Salmonella typhi (Vi phage type 25) isolated in Peninsular Malaysia
Chong Lek Koh, Moo Eng Lim, Yuk Heong Wong

Corrosive oesophageal stricture in Malaysian adults
M M Sudhakar Krishnan, K C Tan

Prolonged conjugated hyperbilirubinaemia evaluation using duodenal fluid inspection for bile
Halim A J, Fatimah Yakin

Transient hypothyroidism following I131 treatment for thyrotoxicosis
Annuar Zaini, A Ngan, M Paramsothy, B H Khoo, S L Ch'ng

Case Reports

Conservative surgical management of ameloblastoma of the mandible - report on three cases
G C Foo, C H Siar, K C Ling, C T Chin

Three cases of sexual deviation seen at the University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur
Loke Kwok Hien

Book Reviews

Chemotherapy of leprosy for control programmes
A Rational approach to radiodiagnostic investigations
Primary prevention of essential hypertension
Apartheid and health
Prevention of liver cancer
Control of vitamin a deficiency and xerophthalmia
Vaccination certificate requirements
Tuberculosis control
Evaluation of certain food additives and contaminants
Interferon therapy

Letter to Editor

Guinea pig inoculation versus culture in the diagnosis of tuberculosis
Y M Cheong, M. Jegathesan