Medical Journal of Malaysia



Duplicate Publication: A Joint Statement from the Singapore Medical Journal and the Medical Journal of Malaysia
W C G Peh, J T Arokiasamy

Original Articles

Chorda Tympani Nerve Function after Myringoplasty
E H Sham, N Prepageran, R Raman, K F Quek

Dropped Nucleus Following Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery
I Tajunisah, S C Reddy

Observation of Spontaneous Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhinorrhoea to Body Mass Index: A Preliminary Report
B S Gendeh, H Salina

Central Venous Catheter-Related Blood Stream Infections: Incidence and an Analysis of Risk Factors
C C Tan, Y Zanariah, K I Lim, S Balan

Prevalence of Undetected Cognitive Impairment and Depression in Residents of an Elderly Care Home
M Al-Jawad, A K Rashid, K A Narayan

Determinations of a Safe Musculofascial Plication in Abdominoplasty
A A H Al-Shaham

Changing Habits and Attitudes Towards Smoking Among Future Physicians
G H Tee, N H Noran, H Farizah, N H Azhana

Parotid Mass: A 5-Year Review of Parotid Surgery
Y K Chew, Y Noorizan, A Khir, S Brito-Mutunayagam

Predictive Value of Thrombocytopaenia in the Diagnosis of Dengue Infection in Outpatient Settings
S F Tong, A Aziz, G L Chin

Primary Hyperparathyroidism in Saudi Arabia: A Review of 46 Cases*
U H Malabu, M A Founda

Pathways to Services for Children with Cerebral Palsy in Selangor and the Federal Territory, Kuala Lumpur
V W L Lim, A Staines

Mental Health, Pregnancy and Self – Rated Health in Antenatal Women Attending Primary Health Clinics
S Sonkusare, Adinegara, S Hebbar

Case Reports

Intramuscular Haemangioma in the Head and Neck
I Nurliza, M S Kenali, A Sani

Delayed Spontaneous Traumatic Pneumocephalus
T Hari Chandran, N Prepageran, R Philip, K Gopala, A L Ahmad Zubaidi, M A Jalaludin

Parapharyngeal and Retropharyngeal Abscess: Anatomical Complexity and Etiology
S Brito-Mutunayagam, Y K Chew, K Sivakumar, N Prepageran

Infected Intraparenchymal Bronchogenic Cyst Mimicking Recurrent Lung Abscess in a Young Adult
A R M Ramzisham, K F Johann, A R Talal, O S M Joanna, D M Zamrin

Growing Endoprosthesis in Management of Bone Tumours in Malaysia
S Saravanan, A S Vivek

Nodular Fasciitis: A Diagnostic Dilemma
S Mallina, S Rosalind, R Philip, S Harvinder, S Gurdeep, M N Sabaria

Salmonella Tuboovarian Abscess
J Thaneemalai, H Asma, D P Savithri

Book Review

Occupational and Environmental Health - A Practical Manual
Wai-On Phoon, Ramnik Parekh

Continuing Medical Education

Managing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
N Sivalingam, N S Vanitha, K Y Loh

Acknowledgement of Reviewers for 2007


* The article “Primary Hyperparathyroidism in Saudi Arabia: A Review of 46 Cases” in this issue (pages 394 to 97) is published again. It was erroneously published in the October 2007 issue (MJM 2007; 62(4):282-85) where the names of the authors were wrongly printed. The Medical Journal of Malaysia is responsible for this error and sincerely apologises to the authors of this article and those whose names were printed for the error. -- Editor