Medical Journal of Malaysia



Maternal Health Care at the Crossroads
N Sivalingam

Original Articles

Pre-Operative Investigations: Yield and Conformity to National Guidelines
H Juliana, T A Lim, K Inbasegaran

Pre and Post Treatment Mucociliary Function in Allergic Rhinitis in Three Different Treatment Modalities
L M Lee, B S Gendeh

Urethritis in Men at the Genito-Urinary Medicine Clinic Kuala Lumpur Hospital
H B Gangaram, K Akbal, A T Gan, S H Hussein, S Mangalam, Y Rohani, P F Lai

Pregnancy in Patients with Renal Transplants in Malaysia
L S Hooi, G Rozina, M Y Wan Shaariah, S M Teo, C H H Tan, S Bavanandan, Y Rosnawati

Did we do it Right? - An Evaluation of the Colour Coding System for Antenatal Care in Malaysia
J Ravindran, K Shamsuddin, S Selvaraiu

A Community Based Study on the Prevalence and Factors Affecting Smoking in Kampong Jenderam Hillr, Sepang, Selangor
L Rampal, S Narasimman

Medial Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy for Osteoarthritis of Knee: Long Term Results in 50 Knees
A Devgan, K M Marya, Z S Kundu, S S Sangwan, R C Siwach

The Use of Nerve Conduction Studies in Determining the Short Term Outcome of Bell’s Palsy
K M Prakash, A A Raymond

World Health Organization Quality of Life Assessment: Brief Version in Bahasa Malaysia
C I Hasanah, L Naing, A R A Rahman

Paediatric Admissions at a Tertiary Hospital in Kuala Lumpur - A Case for a Short-Stay Ward
L A Chong, W S Lee, A Y T Goh

A Retrospective Review Comparing the Use of Gonal-F and Metrodin-HP for In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
Colin Lee, F S Mak, J Keith, D Welsh, Paulina Yapp, Rachel Chin

Case Reports

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia in a Post-Partum Woman
M Abdullah

Leukaemia Cutis Presenting as Leonine Facies
S A W Fadilah, A A R Alawiyah, M A Latif Amir, S K Cheong

Spinal Cord Injury Without Radiological Abnormality (SCIWORA)
M K Ozlan Izma, I Zulkharnain, B Ramli, A R Muhamad, S Harwant

Giant Cell Arteritis With Panocular Involvement in an Indian Male
J Fathilah, R Jamaliah

Two-Stage Management of Mega Occipito-Encephalocele
A I Mardzuki, J Abdullah, G Ghazaime, A R Ariff, M Ghazali

Metastatic Disease of the Proximal Femur
W I Faisham, W Zulmi, B M Biswal

Spontaneous Rectus Sheath Haematoma in Pregnancy
A R M Ramzisham, Isagap, A M Ismail

Uterine Artery Bleeding and Haemoperitoneum During the Second Trimester in Pregnancy
K Siva Achanna, C S Goh

Relapsed Hodgkin’s Disease Presenting as a Right Knee Swelling
C F Leong, P Y Soo, S A W Fadilah, S K Cheong

An Uncommon Cause of Duodenal Obstruction
R Dharmendran, A A Zainal

Eagle’s Syndrome
S Subramaniam, M D Abd Majid

Letter to Editor

Dengue Antibodies in a Suburban Community in Malaysia
W S Chen, C H Wong, L Cillekens

Palliative Care for Lung Cancer Patients in Penang Hospital
L N Hooi

Book Review

The First Complete Malaysian Immunisation Manual 2001
S R Mahendra

Continuing Medical Education

Social Drug Use in the Parturient: Implications for the Management of Obstetrical Anaesthesia
K M Kuczkowski