Medical Journal of Malaysia

MED J MALAYSIA Vol 71 NO. 6, December 2016

Original Articles

An observational study of trigeminal neuralgia patients taking carbamazepine during the fasting month of Ramadan
Ajura Abdul Jalil, Shin-Hin Lau, Nur Suffia Sulaiman

Tenofovir-induced nephrotoxicity: A retrospective cohort study
Hui Moon Koh, Suresh Kumar

Functional limitation and health-related quality of life, and associated factors among long term stroke survivors in a Malaysian community
Nor Azlin Mohd Nordin, Noor Azah Abd Aziz, Saperi Sulong, Syed Mohamed Aljunid

Water as neutral oral contrast agent in abdominopelvic CT: comparing effectiveness with Gastrografin in the same patient
Chau Hung Lee, Han Zi Gu, Balamurugan A Vellayappan, Cher Heng Tan

Intralesional Injection of OK-432 in Cystic Hygroma
Muhammad Hazim, Shamina Sara Moses, Ing Ping Tang

Cardiovascular risk assessment between urban and rural population in Malaysia
Noor Hassim Ismail, Norazman Mohd Rosli, Diana Mahat, Khairul Hazdi Yusof, Rosnah Ismail

The teaching of trauma management in undergraduate medical education
Siew Kheong Lum, Thiruselvi Subramaniam

A study on HLA-DR/DQ typing in adult Malay patients with acute amoebic liver abscess
Nazli Zainuddin, Nurul Azira Mohd Shah, Zeehaida Mohamed, Nik Zairi Zakaria, Nurul Khaiza Yahya, Maya Mazuwin Yahya

Short Communication

Retention of Knowledge following training of students in Basic Trauma Life Support
Lim Kean Ghee, Lum Siew Kheong, Ismail Abdul Sattar Burud

Case Reports

Treatment of Heavily Pre-treated Metastatic Breast Cancer with Eribulin: First local experience in Sabah
Lee Dai Wee, Flora Chong Li Tze, Daren Teoh Choon Yu

Angry patient with fibromyalgia: Diagnosis and management in primary care
Teoh Soo Huat

Vitamin-D-deficiency rickets even with abundant sunlight -A case to highlight emerging problem
Tzer Hwu Ting, Anand S Devnani

Arrythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia
Anis Munirah Mohd Kori, Wook Kok Lim, Sharifah Ainon Ismail Mokhtar

Hypopharyngeal cancer masquerading as a thyroid mass
Heng Pek Ser, Irfan Mohamad

Gastric ulcer that turned out to be metastasis of a synovial sarcoma: A case report and literature review
Samuel Tay H’ng Chuan, Norly Salleh, Ros’aini Pajian

Periampullary Carcinoma with Penile Metastasis
Pui Wei Chieng, Nik Azim bin Nik Abdullah

Thymic carcinoma presenting with an unusual and delayed metastasis to the neural foramen, mimicking thoracic spinal radiculopathy
Hsien Min Low, Chin Fong Wong, Martin Weng Chin H'ng

Axillary accessory breast carcinoma masquerading as axillary abscess: a case report
Shu Yu Lim, Shir Lee Jee, Tikfu Gee, Nor Aina Emran