Medical Journal of Malaysia

MJM, Vol 70 Supplement 1 September 2015

Change of meal patterns among Malaysian adults: MANS 2003 vs. MANS 2014

Mohamad Aznuddin Abd Razak*, Norhafizah Sahril*, Yeo Pei Sien**, Ahmad Nadzri Jai*, Nazli Suhardi Ibrahim***, Hamid Jan Jan Mohamed****

*Institute for Public Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia, **Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Malaysia, ***Department of Nutrition, Ministry of Health Malaysia, ****Health Science Study Center, Universiti Sains Malaysia


Introduction: The rapid change in meal patterns can lead to nutrition-related diseases such as obesity.  This study aims to determine the changes of meal patterns among Malaysian adults between year 2003 and year 2014.

Method: The data from two consecutive studies of Malaysian Adults Nutrition Survey (MANS) in year 2003 and year 2014 were used to examine the changes in meal patterns reported by Malaysian adults. Both surveys used multistage stratified cluster sampling methods. Two different sets of structured questionnaires and face-to-face interview were used in data collection activity. The data were analysed using complex sampling descriptive analysis.

Results: MANS 2014 reported that the prevalence of three main meals consumption [breakfast, 93.7% (95% CI: 92.43-94.84), lunch, 94.5% (95% CI: 93.34-95.44), and dinner, 96.4% (95% CI: 95.40-97.11) respectively] in year 2014 were increased as compared to MANS 2003. Upturned meal patterns for all three main meals were significant among urban adults, which range from 4.3-7.4%. There was significantly higher proportion of Malay adults (%) who reported taking all main meals in 2014 compared to the previous study. Both males and females had increased consumption of three main meals within these ten years (2003-2014) with the increment range of 4.0-6.4% for males and 4.4-5.4% for females.

Conclusion: The finding of the studies showed that there was increased of meal consumption among Malaysian adults within the past 10 years. This could be due to Malaysian adults being more concerned on the health benefits of regular meal consumption.

Keywords: Meal patterns, Malaysian adults, cross-sectional studies, Malaysian Adults Nutrition Survey