Medical Journal of Malaysia

MJM, Vol 70 Supplement 1 September 2015

A study of socio-demography and pre-admission clinical profile of dengue death patients in Selangor 2014

Ruziaton H*, Ho Bee Kiau**, Vickneswari A***, Shreema R****

*Klinik Kesihatan Pandamaran, **Klinik Kesihatan Bandar Botanic, ***Klinik Kesihatan Taman Medan, ****Vector Unit, Selangor Health Department


Introduction: Dengue has a wide spectrum of clinical presentations, often with unpredictable clinical evolution and outcome. When treated, severe dengue has a mortality rate of 2-5%, but when left untreated, the mortality rate is as high as 50%. Dengue in Malaysia has claimed more lives in a double and triple manner and Selangor has remained the top state to record the highest number of fatalities. The objective of this study was to describe the socio-demographic, co-morbidities and pre-admission clinical features of patients who died of dengue in the state of Selangor for the year 2014.

Method: This was a retrospective cohort study on all dengue death patients registered in 2014 in e-dengue database in Selangor state Malaysia. Dengue mortality reports and case presentations used during dengue death review by the state of Selangor were studied and data were entered and analysed using SPSS version 16.0 

Results: There were a total of 77 dengue deaths in Selangor for the year 2014. Many of the deaths occurred in the 15-59 years of age group, the youngest being five months old while the oldest 79 years old. There were more females (57.1%) than males (42.9%) and more non-working individuals compared to the working ones. In term of ethnicity the majority that died were the Malays (50.6%), followed by the Indians (19.5%) and the Chinese (16.9%). More than three-quarter of them have at least one co-morbidities. Fever is the main presenting features (98%) and nearly 60% seek treatment at GP clinics at the onset of their illness.

Conclusion: All first line providers must keep a high index of suspicion for dengue in patients presenting with acute fever and be on extra vigilant for those with comorbidities.

Keywords: dengue deaths, epidemiology, Selangor, Malaysia