Medical Journal of Malaysia

MJM, Vol 70 Supplement 1 September 2015

Knowledge and Attitude on noise induced hearing loss among workers of an automotive company in Selangor, 2015

Mohammad Farhan Rusli


Introduction: Excessive exposure to noise can cause a serious irreversible disease known as noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). In all workplaces there is always risk of exposure to occupational noise but some industries are more susceptible to a higher exposure of workplace noise in comparison to others. The objective of this study is to determine the knowledge, attitude on NIHL among automotive workers in the operational divisions of an automotive company in Selangor.

Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted between January and May 2015. 457 respondents were selected based on simple random sampling method. A validated and reliable self-administered questionnaire was used for data collection. Dependent variables were knowledge and attitude on NIHL and independent variables were age, gender, ethnicity, level of education, perceived noise exposure, years of service and training on safety. Data was analysed using SPSS Version 22.

Results: The response rate was 83.1%. Median age was 40 years old (IQR±25.75; 31.47). Majority (98.2%) were Malays, 89.9% had secondary education, 71.8% worked more than 11 years and 67.2% had training on safety. The predictors for satisfactory knowledge on noise induced hearing loss were perceived noise exposure as harmful noise, years in service for more than 10 years (adjusted Odds Ratios (aOR) 2.787, 95% CI: 1.708-4.550) and had received training on safety (aOR 1.938, 95% CI: 1.119-3.355). For satisfactory attitude the predictors were perceived noise exposure as harmful noise (aOR 3.793, 95% CI: 2.358-6.101), years in service for more than 10 years (aOR 0.550, 95% CI: 0.367-0.823) and tertiary level education (aOR 3.605, 95% CI: 1.666-7.802).

Conclusion: Applying appropriate measures and identifying workers who are at risk of developing noise induced hearing loss in this automotive company.