Medical Journal of Malaysia

MED J MALAYSIA VOL 66 NO 3 August 2011


The Medical Journal of Malaysia: Its History and Its Mission
K G Lim

Original Articles

The Status of Diabetes Control in Malaysia: Results of DiabCare 2008
M Mafauzy, Z Hussein, S P Chan

A Comparison between Laryngeal Tube Suction II AirwayTM and ProsealTM Laryngeal Mask Airway in Laparascopic Surgery
K Esa, I Azarinah, M Muhammad, M A Helmi, M Z Jaafar

Drowning in Children in Iran: Outcomes and Prognostic Factors
Z Mosayebi, A H Movahedian, G A Mousavi

The Prevalence of Anatomical Variations in Osteomeatal Unit in Patients with Chronic Rhinosinusitis
A Azila, M Irfan, Y Rohaizan, A K Shamim

Associated Factors Affecting The Successful Pregnancy Rate of Intrauterine Insemination at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Fertility Centre
Y W Azantee, Z Ahmad Murad, R Roszaman, MY Hayati, M A Norsina

Adult Intussusception: 5-year experience in Sarawak
S L Siow, C H Chea, A R Hashimah, S C Ting

Comparison of Serum Specific IgE with Skin Prick Test in the Diagnosis of Allergy in Malaysia
Z A Asha'ari, Y Suhaimi, R A Yusof, I Rushdan, C H C Maraina

Knowledge and Practices Towards Influenza A (H1N1) Among Adults in Three Residential Areas in Tampin Negeri Sembilan: A Cross Sectional Survey
A R Zairina, M S Nooriah, A Mohd Yunus

Long Term Efficacy and Safety of A Generic Atorvastatin in Usual Clinical Care Setting
L M Ong, N Punithavathi, Y L L Lena, O Mahanim, S Leekha on behalf of the Storvas Clinical Trial Study Group

The Contribution of Reproductive Factors and Family History towards Premenopausal Breast Cancer Risk in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
S Mohd Razif, S Sulaiman, S Soraya Hanie, E Nor Aina, M Rohaizak, I Fuad, M I Nurismah, N A Sharifah

Retrospective Review of Grommet Insertions for Otitis Media with Effusion in Children in Singapore
I Nurliza, L H Y Lim

Intravenous Ketamine Is As Effective As Midazolam/ Fentanyl for Procedural Sedation and Analgesia in The Emergency Department
S M Jamal, S M Fathil, M M Nidzwani, A K Ismail, F M Yatim

Health-related Quality of Life in Patients with Diabetic Foot Problems in Malaysia
M Mazlina, A S Shamsul, F A Saini Jeffery

Malaysian Mothers' Knowledge & Practices on Care of Neonatal Jaundice
N Y Boo, C Y Gan, Y W Gian, K S L Lim, M W Lim, H Krishna-Kumar

Ethnic Differences in Glycaemic Control and Complications: The Adult Diabetes Control and Management (ADCM), Malaysia
B H Chew, I Mastura, P Y Lee, T Sri Wahyu, A T Cheong, A Zaiton

A Cohort Study of Risk Factors and Clinical Outcome Predictors for Patients Presenting With Unstable Angina and Non ST Segment Elevation Myorardial Infraction Undergoing Coronary Intervention
E Chong, L Shen, H C Tan, K K Poh

Case Reports

Nasal Septal Abscess with Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus: Case Reports
R Dinesh, S Avatar, Ali Haron, Suhana, Azwariz

Isolated Late Chest Wall Recurrence after Mastectomy for Breast Cancer
M Azrif, J J Saladina M L Nani, A S Shahrunniza, A Norlia, M Rohaizak

Jejunal Diverticulosis as the Obscure Cause of Overt Gastrointestinal Bleeding
L Y Nyin, A R Zainun, H P Tee

Hymenolepis nana in A Renal Transplant Recipient: To Treat or Not to Treat?
Syafinaz A N, Hamat R A, Malina O, Siti Norbaya M, Niazlin M T, Jamal F

Recurrent Intracranial Haemorrhages in A Patient with Factor Seven Deficiency: A Case Report
F Fadzil

An Unusual Presentation of Lymphoma of The Head and Neck Region
C S L L Teh, S Y C Chong

Massive Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding Secondary to Colonic Mucormycosis
J Anand, K Ghazala, V H Chong

Pseudoparaphimosis : A Hairy Affair
K L Ng, D T Mahadevan, T H Htun, A H Razack, N Dublin

Diffuse Peritoneal Lymphomatosis Simulating Peritoneal Carcinomatosis
M I A Sharifah, N A Z Zamzami, T Nor Rafeah

Coeliac Artery Thrombosis: An Uncommon Cause of An Acute Abdomen
K Saravana, A A Zainal, S K Lee

Letter to Editor

Increasing Rate of Detection of Fusidic Acid Resistance in Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Clinical Samples in Malaysia
M A Alreshidi and N S Mariana

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: An Essential Skill not only for Junior Doctors but Medical Undergraduates and Para Medical Staff
A Sachithanandan

Continuing Medical Education

New Oral Anticoagulants for Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prophylaxis
N C Liew, K H Sim, S C Ng, A Suhail, N Premchandran