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Improving the Management of Brain Injuries in Malaysian Hospitals
J M Abdullah

Original Articles

Caregivers' Satisfaction of Healthcare Delivery at Paediatric Clinics of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre in 2009
I Aniza, A M Mohd Rizal, YS Ng, M Mardhiyyah, I Helmi, B Khair Syamimi, A R Muhammad Tahar

Audit of Pain Management in The Emergency Department
S M Fathil, N S C Soong, N M A Mustafa, A Arith, W N Ng, N A Bahrum, N A Aszeme, Z Ahmad, A K Ismail

Can the use of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Swab or Aspiration using 5 μm Filter Straw® reduce Bacterial Contamination of Fentanyl Solution used for Regional Anaesthesia?
H M Roshaliza, C Y Liu, O S M Joanna

Characteristic Differences in Neuroimaging and Physical Findings Between Non-Accidental and Accidental Traumatic Brain Injury in Young Children. A Local Experience in General Hospital of Kuala Lumpur
M Z Mohd Hafiz, M H Mohammed Saffari

Head and Neck Cancer: Possible Causes for Delay in Diagnosis and Treatment
S C Lee, I P Tang, S P Avatar, N Ahmad, K S Selva, K K Tay, T Vikneswaran, T Y Tan

Irreducible Rectal Prolapse: Emergency Surgical Management of Eight Cases and A Review of the Literature
T Seenivasagam, H Gerald, N Ghassan, T Vivek, A S Bedi, S Suneet

Cross-sectional study of Older Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Two Rural Public Primary Healthcare Facilities in Malaysia
CC P Ooi, S C Loke, A Zaiton, H Tengku-Aizan, Y Zaitun

Serum high-sensitivity C-reactive Protein and Lipoprotein(a) Levels: A comparison between Diabetic and Non-diabetic Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
H Syed Shahid, M I Kurdi, A A Zohair

Quality of Life among Patients with Hematological Cancer in a Malaysian Hospital
D Priscilla, A Hamidin, M Z Azhar, K O N Noorjan, M S Salmiah, K Bahariah

Challenges in Diagnosis and Management of Pseudoptosis Secondary to Asymmetrical Skin Creases
S L Ting, A C A Koay, Y H Yew, C N Chua

The Association Between GJB2 Mutation and GJB6 Gene in Non Syndromic Hearing Loss School Children
A Asma, A Ashwaq, A G Norzana, A Maizaton Atmadini, B H I Ruszymah, L Saim, I Farah Wahida

Effects of Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty: A Seven Year Review
W H Aneeza, M B Marina, M Y Razif, N A Azimatun, A Asma, A Sani

HLA-DQ A1, -DQB1 AND –DRB1 Gene Polymorphism - In Malay Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Patients and Their Use For Risk Prediction
A G Rohana, K C Loh, S K Tin, C H Soh, W M Wan Nazaimoon, K Y Fong, K Nor Azmi, B A K Khalid

Care of Severe Head Injury Patients in the Sarawak General Hospital: Intensive Care Unit Versus General Ward
S K Sim, S L Lim, H K Lee, D Liew, A Wong

Case Reports

Arteriovenous Malformation of the Stomach: A Rare Cause of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding
N H M Latar, K S Phang, J A Yaakub, R Muhammad

Cricotracheal Separation: A Case of Delayed Diagnosis and Treatment
A R Nur Hashima, M B Marina, M Sani

Tuberculosis of Gallbladder with Candidiasis, a Rare Entity
B D K Leong, K W Chan, P Ramu, V M Kumar, J A Chuah

Harmonic Scalpel For A Bloodless Partial Glossectomy: A Case Report
M Irfan, Y A Aliyu, A Baharudin, H Shahid

Intraparotid Facial Nerve Schwannoma: A Case Report
M Irfan, H Shahid, M M Yusri, R N Venkatesh

Endoscopic Treatment of Glottic Stenosis Secondary to Caustic Injury with Silastic Keel Placement: A Case Report
R Balachandran, O Rahmat

A Child with Septic Arthritis of Hip: A Rarely Encountered
A R Abdul Halim, Y Norhamdan, R Ramliza

Trilateral Retinoblastoma
Y S Lim, E Juraida, J Alagaratnam, B S Menon

Perforation of Duodeno-jejunal Junction in an 8-month-old Infant: A Management Challenge to a General Surgeon
L Limi, A A Dayang Anita, N C Liew, M Safian N

Nasal NK/T cell Lymphoma Mimicking an Iatrogenic Lateral Nasal Wall Infection: A Diagnostic Dilemma
K A Saleh, Razif, B S Gendeh

Letter to Editor

Access to Medical Journals in Malaysia
S M Liew, N Bhoo,N N Hairi, J Sinnasamy, J P Engkasan, F M Moy, Y M Choo, F A Saini Jeffery, C J Ng

Initial Management of Spontaneous Pneumothorax – Role of the Thoracic Surgeon
Anand Sachithanandan, Balaji Badmanaban

Comment on: Current Concepts in the Management of Carotid Body Tumours
Ahmad Razali Md Ralib

Continuing Medical Education

Breastfeeding - Anti-viral Potential and Relevance to the Influenza Virus Pandemic
K K Prameela