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Psychological Stress and Treatment - Research Issues
M Z Azhar

Original Articles

Mechanisms of Cervical Spine Injuries for Non-Fatal Motorcycle Road Crash
S S Ooi, S V Wong, R S Radin Umar, A A Azhar, J S Yeap, M M H Megat Ahmad

Rotavirus RNA Electropherotype in Different States In Malaysia For The Year 2000 And 2001
H Zuridah, A R Bahaman, M L Mohd Azmi, A R Mutalib

Non-Accidental Fatal Head Injury in Small Children - A Clinico-Pathological Correlation
A R Nooraudah, K Mohd Sham, N Zahari, K Fauziah

Alteration of Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Enzymes in Young Malaysian IDDM Patients
M Indran, P Rokiah, S P Chan, U R Kuppusamy

Outcome of Stapes Surgery for Otosclerosis
Z Mahfudz, S Lokman

Non-Achievement of Clinical Targets in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
M Eid, M Mafauzy, A R Faridah

The Comparison of QT Dispersion and 24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Amongst Diabetic Patients With and Without Microalbuminuria
C K Yeo, M N Hapizah, B A K Khalid, W M Wan Nazaimoon, Y Khalid

The Patiern Of Completed Suicides Seen In Kuala Lumpur General Hospital
A N Hayati, A A Salina, A A Abdullah, R T Eusni, A H Mansar

Reliability and Validity of The Pressure Management Inventory in a Malaysian Population
S Y Loh

Psychological Stress Among Undergraduate Medical Students
M S Sherina, L Rampal, N Kaneson

Prevalence and Causes of Visual Impairment and Blindness in a Rural Population in Sepang District, Selangor
C Reddy, L Rampal, O Nurulaini

Biopsy-Proven Childhood Glomerulonephritis in Johor
J J Khoo, S Pee, B Thevarajah, Y C Yap, C K Chin

Breast Cancer and Lifestyle Risks Among Chinese Women in the Klang Valley in 2001
A R Hejar, F B Chong, H Rosnan, H Zailina

Blood Pressure in Rural and Urban Adult Healthy Females of Jat Sikh Community in Punjab, North India: An Epidemiologic Profile
S Sidhu, Badaruddoza, A Kaur

Job Dissatisfaction in Lecturers in School of Medical Sciences Universiti Sains Malaysia and Faculty of Medicine Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
B Z Huda, B N Rusli, L Naing, M A Tengku, T Winn, K G Rampal

Cognitive Impairment Among the Elderly in a Rural Community in Malaysia
M S Sherina, L Rampal, A Mustaqim

Reliability and Validity of the Spielberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAL) Among Urological Patients: A Malaysian Study
K F Quek, W Y Low, A H Razack, C S Loh, C B Chua

Prevalence and Associated Factors of Job-Related Depression in Laboratory Technicians in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) and Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) Hospitals in Kelantan
B D Aziah, B N Rusli, T Winn, L Naing, M A Tengku

Case Reports

Thoracic Endometriosis: A Report of Two Cases
Y Ismail, A Kamaruzzaman

Bogota Bag In The Treatment Of Abdominal Wound Dehiscence
N Sukumar, S Shaharin, J Razman, A Y Jasmi

Continuing Medical Education

Intestinal Parasitic Infections and Micronutrient Deficiency: A Review
M S Hesham, A B Edariah, M Norhayati