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Antibiotic Resistance in the Community
V K E Lim

Original Articles

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections: To What Extent is the Management Evidence-Based?
C L Teng, M I Nurjahan, H Nor Asiah, P Punithambigai, K C Leong, M Omar

A Review of the Acute Pain Service in Hospital Kuala Lumpur
G Neelima, D C Chieng, T A Lim, K Inbasegaran

Petrosal Sinus Sampling in the Diagnosis of Cushing’s Syndrome: Preliminary Experience in University of Malaya Medical Centre
R Norlisah, B J J Abdullah, F L Hew, S P Chan

Inhibition of Progesterone Secretion by Oestradiol Administered in the Luteal Phase of Assisted Concepton Cycles
P Y S Tay, E A Lenton

Nasal and Nasal-Type Natural Killer (NK)/T-Cell Lymphoma: Immunophenotype and Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Association
S C Peh, Q W Danielle Quen

Knowledge and Practice of Medical Doctors on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Preliminary Survey From A State Hospital
A R M Fauzi

Audit on Tracheostomies Performed at the General Intensive Care Unit, Kuala Lumpur Hospital
A S Rao, L Mansor, K Inbasegaran

Husband-Wife Communication and Family Planning Practices Among Malay Married Couples in Mukim Rusila, Terengganu
Y Nor Azimi, A S Atiya

Allogeneic Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Using Non Myeloablative Conditioning - A Local Experience
C F Leong, S K Cheong, S A W Fadilah, O Ainoon, N H Hamidah

Mutations of the p53 Gene in Gliomas from Malay Patients
A Jafri, M Y Aziz, S Ros, I Nizam

The Prevalence of Mther 677C-->T Missense Mutation, Total Plasma Homocysteine Levels and Associated Risk Factors in Malay Subjects
K H Ling, R Rosli, G Duraisamy, M T Mohd Nasir

Staphylococcus Aureus Carriage in Selected Communities and Their Antibiotic Susceptibility Patierns
A Norazah, V K E Lim, S N Munirah, A G M Kamel

Species Distribution and Antibiotic Resistance of Shigella Isolates in an Urban Community in Malaysia
W S Lee, S D Puthucheary

HIV-Associated Risk Behaviour Among Drug Users at Drug Rehabilitation Centres
M N Fauziah, S Anita, B N Shaari, B I Rosli

An Audit of Parotidectomy in Singapore: A Review of 31 Cases
S Y Hwang, R H Brett

Case Reports

Addisonian-Like Crisis in Congenital Hypopituitarism and Cholestatic Jaundice
W S Lee, L C S Lum, F Harun

Rhinosporidiosis Presenting as Recurrent Nasal Polyps
J J Khoo, KS Kumar

Pancreatitis Leading to Retroperitoneal Fibrosis And Ureteric Obstruction
H M Tan, J Khoo, K P Pang

Aerodigestive Amyloidosis Presenting as Acute Asthma
S S Sreetharan, N Prepageran, A Razak, K A Valuyeetham

Letter to Editor

Caesarean Section Rates in Government Hospitals in Malaysia, 2000-2001
J Ravindran

Continuing Medical Education

Intestinal Parasitic Infections in Man: A Review
M Norhayati, M S Fatmah, S Yusof, A B Edariah