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Home Oxygen Therapy
K G Lim

Original Articles

The Pattern of Spinal Tuberculosis in Sarawak General Hospital
A H Rasit, M Rozak, F S S Ting

Home Oxygen Therapy for Children with Chronic lung Diseases
M Z Norzila, B H O Azizi, A W Norrashidah, N M Yeah, C T Deng

The Effects of Treating Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms on Sexual Function
K F Quek, C S Loh, W Y Low, A H Razack

The Role of DRE in the Diagnosis of Prostate Carcinoma
W L Chong, R M Sahabudin, G C Teh, S Y Y Woo, T C Lim, A Khairullah

Swiftlase Assisted C02 Laser Ablation in the Treatment' of Nasal Obstruction Due to Hypertrophy of the Inferior Turbinates
A Sani, P Primuharsa

The Prevalence of HIV Positive Antenatal Mothers in a Routine Screening Programme in Two States
R P Japarai, N Sivalingam

Prevalence of Symptomatic BPE Among Malaysian Men Aged 50 and Above Attending Screening During Prostate Health Awareness Campaign
G C Teh, R M Sahabudin, T C Lim, W LChong, S Woo, M Mohan, A Khairullah, P Abrams

Obstruction of Mechanical Heart Valve - Diagnosis, Surgical Treatment and Outcome
K K Pau, A Yakub, A Sallehuddin, Y Awang

Bacteriological Study and its Role in the Management of Open Tibial Fracture
W I Faisham, S Nordin, M Aidura

The Incidence of Nosocomial Infection in the Intensive Care Unit, Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia: ICU-acquired Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Program 1998 - 1999
S W Rozaidi, J Sukro, A Dan

Dermatoglyphic Analysis in Malay Subjects with Bipolar Mood Disorder
D Chakraborty, P Mazumdar, M Than, R Singh

Mortality from Congenital Abnormality in Malaysia 1991 - 1997: The Effect of Economic Development on Death Due to Congenital Heart Disease
J J Ho

Hyponatraemia in Hospitalised Elderly Patients
J K H Lim, K B Yap

The Trans-Septal Approach to the Mitral Valve
J B Eng

Mortality in the Department of Surgery, Alor Setar Hospital
T M Lim, R R Naidu

Chronic Hepatitis C - A Study of 105 Cases Between 1990 - 2000
R L Suresh, R Kananathan, I Merican

Case Reports

Partial Resection of Pelvis and Salvage of the Lower Limb in the Treatment of Malignant Pelvic Tumours
W I Faisham, W Zulmi, M Aidura, M D Yazid, A Y Sallehuddin, M Z Nor Azman, S Nawfar

Ocular Fishhook Injuries
C S Ang

Adenocarcinoma of Rectum Metastasizing to Penis
N Sukumar, A Qureshi

Letter to Editor

Is There a Lack of Awareness of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Amongst Local Non-Gastrointestinal Specialists? - Experience with PEG in a Malaysian Hospital
S Y Chuah, C K Leong, C L Tang, M Nachiappan, C W Pang

Book Review

Management of Common Gastroenterological Problems. A Malaysia and Singapore Perspective
S R Mahendra

Continuing Medical Education

The Management of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
C L Teng, Y Shajahan, E M Khoo, I Nurjahan, K C Leong, T G Yap