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Nicotine: Addiction Within Your Children's Reach
H M Hussain

Original Articles

Cigarette Sales to Minors in Kelantan
A Zulkiflil, J Rogayah

Children's Perceptions of Cigarette Advertisements
J Rogayahl, A Zulkiflil, M Razlan, N N Naing

Attitudes of Parents of Schoolgoing Children in Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur to Kidney Donation
T O Lim, C C Tan, A Ghazali, M Zaki, A B Suleiman, W Shaariah

Antenatal Steroids Reduced the Risk of Respiratory, Distress Syndrome in Malaysian Preterm Infants of Gestation Less than 34 Weeks
P Umathevi, N Y Boo, N L Lim

Obstetric Factors Influencing the Outcome of VLBW Babies Admitted to Level 3 Malaysian Nurseries
Neonatal Data Collection Group

Rubber Allergy at the Dermatology Clinici Hospital Kuala Lumpur
R Rohna, H Suraiya

Cognitive Psychotherapy Experience with Kelantan Clients
M Z Azhar

Efficacy of Radix Ginseng Against Reperfusion After Regional or Global Ischemia in the Dog: An Assessment on Myocardial Ultrastructure
S M Yuan, K Pu, C R Gao, Q Wang

In Vitro Evaluation of Various Drugs Against Toxoplasma Gondii
G H Tee, A A Khairul, M Rahela, N Rahmah

Case Reports

A Case of Munchausen Syndrome
Y K Lake, M H Tan

An Unusual Case of Oesophagopleural Fistula
Y K Lake, D Das, M H Tan

Occult Fetomaternal Haemorrhage, the Silent Cause of Perinatal Morbidity and Mortality
S T Beh, J C S Tee, K L Yam, V S Rajadurai

Repeated Paracetamol Overdosage in Children
G L Kuan

Letter to Editor

The Predictive Value of a Low Lying Placenta at the Booking Scan
P Chia, KL Liu, E Versi

Pregnancies and Births After Ovarian Stimulation with Recombinant Human Follicle Stimulating Hormone
S P Rachagan, C K Fong, H Haris

Continuing Medical Education

The Rational Use of Antibiotics
V K E Lim